The Wrong Number

I don’t understand why some people like to argue to keep trouble going.

I was never one to entertain unnecessary confusion.

Some people just want to disturb another person’s peace when they are in strife.

An idle mind is the Devil’s playground.

Tina (one of my mother’s sisters) called me over and again, back-to-back, harassing me because I don’t want to be bothered with her on Monday.

She had talked some crap to me and I gave her a piece of my mind, candidly.

Tina dished out words yet could not deal with mine in return. She does not have the power to stir me. I am unaffected by bullshit (excuse my language).

Tuesday morning, I changed my cellphone number.

I don’t have patience for schemes, I don’t tolerate nonsense, and I am repulsed by negativity.

She is perverse and twisted.

She deliberately desires to behave in an unreasonable and unacceptable way.

Well, she can behave idiotic all by herself.

I am a positive individual with a peace of mind, common sense, things to do, and responsibilities to handle.

I am content within my life and secure within myself.

It is a shame that Tina cannot and will not let go.

My mother and her have never gotten along and she was never close to us as she did a lot of dirt toward us for many years out of her envy and jealousy. She unsuccessfully attempted to turn me against my own mother numerous times.

I love my mother madly and she loved me. There was no one in the world who could ever turn us against one another.

Now Tina is alone.

It is all about her and her fears of facing the rest of the life that she has left without any family to talk to or to lean on. She is unable to accept that she is responsible for her own predicament. Tina made her own bed but doesn’t want to lay in it alone.

I tried to be civil towards her, however, she disrespected me and my mother (as usual) and I have absolutely no respect for her. She went too far in the past and went too far again. She doesn’t have any restraint nowadays either. In her mind she never did anything wrong. Tina is sick mentally. Still crazy, still delusional, still malicious, still petty, still deceitful and still jealous.

She has not changed.

Tina is still reflecting the same attitude and conduct that she did years ago along with the same obnoxious mentality. She is toxic to the core.

Tina was nice only as long as it served her purpose.

If she wants a relationship and does not want to be alone she better go to God and confess the truth to him and truly ask for forgiveness. Tina needs to repent out of genuine regret and not just to save her neck.

She can lie all she wants to others but she cannot play the dishonesty game with God. He sees all and knows all.

I am under God’s protection.

I just want to be left alone I am not obligated to include her within my life. It feels good and refreshing to not be within her presence or to hear from her after changing my number.

I don’t need Tina for anything, I never did. I don’t even like her personality. She has a disposition that doesn’t appeal to my taste. My spirit doesn’t take to her. Obviously, she needs me the way she tries to cling on to me.

Unfortunately, we cannot choose our family members. It’s not my fault I am related to Tina. At least I’m not anything like her and neither was my mother.



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