What Happened To The Cereal?

I called Three Sisters Cereal, the company that produced Uncle Sam Raisin Bran, on Monday.

For a long time now, I have not seen the cereal at any of the stores I used to purchase the item from.

I was told by a representative that they discontinued the cereal just as I had thought they did.

Every time something good or beneficial comes out it eventually gets canceled due to either low sales or complaints from the majority unless there are other issues in regard to maintaining ingredient quality.

Uncle Sam Raisin Bran had been selling for years. A lot of people liked the cereal.

I could not understand how the Uncle Sam Raisin Bran was pulled from the shelves, which was delicious with soymilk, in my opinion, yet the original Uncle Sam toasted whole wheat berry flakes & flaxseed (which tastes utterly disgusting) is still running strong on the market.

I expressed my views to the representative and as a vocal customer she told me that she would gratefully pass along my comments to corporate headquarters or to whoever it was who handles those affairs.

Most boxed breakfast cereals are garbage these days loaded with sugars and other nasty contents.

I do not eat other cereals except for organic oatmeal and oat bran.

Uncle Sam Raisin Bran cereal was up there in nutrition like grape-nuts original, but even higher. The cereal had no added sugars, was very high in fiber, and had just four pronounceable ingredients. Whole Grain Wheat, Raisins, Barley Malt and Salt.



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