Interracial Relationships

The media portrays interracial coupling more than ever nowadays compared to many years ago.

As one who is asexual, I never had any attraction or interest in romantic relationships altogether.

When I was growing up there were a few interracial couples around my area (neighborhood and school environment), and to me, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Some of the people were married, some were boyfriend and girlfriend, and some were homosexual partners.

I observed it all.

I even had certain relatives who were involved with people of a different race.

My mother use to babysit the children of a white woman who had children by a black man. The lady was nice to me, she used to bring new clothes for my Barbies, and I got along with her children very well.

I myself come from a mixture of ancestry.

I came to eventually realize interracial mingling was not widely accepted by everyone.

Today, I still know and have been acquainted with interracial couples and their biracial children.

There are blacks who say they could never be intimate with a white person. There are whites who say they could never be intimate with a black person. There is someone from every racial or ethnic background who share this view toward the other groups no matter what origin they come from.

It is a controversial issue for some, yet I really don’t care what race of people choose to be with who. It has absolutely nothing to do with me.

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