People kill themselves for various reasons. One never knows what is going on within another person’s mind or what they are going through.

I never looked at people who commit suicide as being cowards. If anything, it is the opposite. I am in no way condoning the act but it takes a lot of strength and courage to put an end to one’s life.

Once the act is committed there is no turning back from it and the ones who embark on that journey are diving into the unknown not knowing exactly where they are headed or what to expect.

I do not like it when or agree with people who declare that all people who kill themselves are headed straight to hell.

Only God knows where their souls/spirits will reside or rest. No one has the right to determine the destiny of everyone who commits suicide.

God knows all of us inside out. He is a loving and compassionate God and it is him alone who decides all of our outcomes no matter what we do.

I cannot speak for everybody within the world but if many were honest a lot of people would admit that they have wished they were never born. They have desired one time or another to kill themselves or have even tried.

When I was in my teens and early adulthood people much older than me told me they had tried or wanted to. Fear of going to hell is what prevented some from doing it.

A lot of people want to die and leave this earth. It is not because all of these people cannot handle life or their circumstances. Some people are just tired. This world is a very sick place. A lot of terrible things are going on. It costs too much to eat, pay rent, buy necessities. Society is overpopulated. There is excess violence, and so on.

There are beautiful and wonderful things to this life here on earth too, but I understand and can relate to how certain people feel.


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